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Building Construction Span and Structures offers the services of Building Contractors in Bangalore. As the chief Contractor in bangalore, we offer the best quality services for your flats, villas, malls, offices etc.

Our team of well-qualified professionals comprising of masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters assists you in getting the very best that we have to differ to our esteemed clients.

Electrification Work Span and Structures undertakes electrification work in Bangalore. The work done by our electricians has been widely appreciated by our clientele owing to the finesse with which the work was done. Our electricians are geniusses with electricity and are capable problem with ease.

Plumbing Work Span and Structures takes up plumbing work in Bangalore. The services of our plumbers are hightly sought after in the market due to the quality of qork done. Our plumbers make use of the latest technology and sophisticated plumbing equipments for the best possible results in the different plumbing jobs.

Painting Work Span and Structures undertakes whitewash painting work in Bangalore. We make use of different whitewashing techniques for different properties like Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Our painters use sophisticated tools for whitewashing and adding a new look to your home, offece, warehouses/godowns etc.

Property Legal Advisor Span and Structures procides the services of a Property Legal Advisor in Bangalore. Our property advisor provides the best legal counsel as regards Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural properties in Bangalore. Services are offered for Property Documentaion, Property Litigation in Karnataka, North and Central Bangalore.

It is widely known fact that documentation is an important aspect of Property Buying, Property Selling and Property Rental. So, we provide simple, authentic and accurate documentation for all property transactions.

Property Law Services provided by us are the finest and include advices on sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, property development, leases, obtaining licenses and resource management.

We handle all cases of Property Litigation. Our legal advisor is an expert in dealing cases of property disputes. Legal issues like ULCRA, unclear property titles, stamp registration etc. are deftly handled by our advisor. The cases of property litigation when dealt by us do not mean long court hearings but are resolved quickly and amicably.

Interior Designing Services Span and Structures offers Interior Designing services in Bangalore. Services for Interior Designing offered by us have earned widespread appreciation from our clientele owing to the quality of the work done and timely completion of the interior decoration job. We provide the services for Interior Decoration for property types like Residential and Commercial properties.

Our team of Interior Designers in Bangalore is well-versed in the science of interiors as well as the different facets of interior designing. They are kept abreast of the changing trends in interior decoration not just in India but across different nations around the world. A fine instance is the use of ‘Stencils Art’ for wall spaces. Stencils art is widely used across the world for residential and commercial interiors. Stencils are becoming a very popular tool for creating a wide array of designs. Stencils art are a fun and creative way of adding embellishments to your walls. Also, they provide the most innovative decors for your homes and offices.

Real Estate Consultant Span and Structures offers the services of a Real Estate Consultant in Bangalore. We are specialized in providing these services for the Buying, Selling, Leasing, and Renting of different properties.

We provide these services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. We offer the best kind of real estate consultancy in the market for apartments, farm houses, plots, farm lands, godowns, warehouses, showrooms, malls and offices.

Buying Property
Span and Structures provides the services for buying property in Bangalore. The properties available for buying are Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. We own an extensive database on all the potential sellers, their property listings and the prices quoted by them. We provide the assurance of the best property deals to all the buyers while negotiating the prices.

Selling Property
Span and Structures offers the services for selling property in Bangalore. We specialize in Residential, Industrial and Commercial properties and these services are provided for the same. We have a comprehensive database on all the prospective buyers, their backgrounds, the properties they are keen on investing and the amount they are willing to expend. We guarantee the finest deals to all the sellers after a thorough appraisal of their respective properties.

Renting Property
Span and Structures provides the services for renting property in Bangalore. We act as the common link between the landlord and tenant. We have a database containing detailed information on property owners, their properties to be given on rent and their expected prices. The best deals are in the offering for both the parties.

BBMP Plan sanctions Span and Structures also cater to the needs of the developers who are engaged in construction activities such as residential apartments, Group Housing, Row housing. Commercial Complex, Industrial Units etc., we at Span and Stuctures assist the developers in obtaining conversion of lands from agricultural to non-agricultural purpose such as residential, commercial, industrial, Change of Land Use obtaining building plan sanctions and license for construction of various type of building etc., since Span and Structures is associated in building constructions from very long time, it knows the up and downs of evry department, it has a vast network th e concerned departments which eases the developers in obtaining No. Objection Certificate from various agencies such as BWSSB, Fire Force, Air Port Authority, Telecommunication, Bescom, Pollution Control Board etc., which is mandatory for obtaining plan sanction for high rise building by the competent authority. Span and Structures under takes the liaison work with Govt. Departments and other agencies for follow up of the file / case pertaining to each projects / each proposal

Rain Water Harvesting & Maintenance Span and Structure are also specialized in Rainwater Harvesting Service, we give technical consultation and execute RAIN WATER HARVESTING WORKS.

Rainwater Harvesting is the accumulating and storing of Rainwater for reuse. Rainwater collected from the roofs of houses,factories,institutions can make an important contribution to the availability of water for drinking and other purpose. It can supplement the subsoil water level by refilling aquifers in a process called Ground water recharging. Rainwater can be harvested using roof & other above ground catchments and stored in tanks for reuse.The roof catchment is connected with a gutter and downpipes system to deliver rainwater to the storage tank. The quality of rainwater is directly related to the cleanliness of catchments,gutters, storage tanks and filters. Rooftop catchment surfaces collect dust,organic matter,leaves and bird droppings which can contaminate the stored water and cause sediment buildup in the tank. Care should be taken in proper installation of Rainwater harvesting system and storage. A proper inlet Filter should be placed in line with the down pipes to prevent leaves and other debris from entering storages. Looking at the need for a good RWH filter THE FARMLAND RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEMS has innovated a first of its kind Filter called 'RAINY'

Filter has won National Award from 'Confederation of Indian Industries' as 'MOST INNOVATIVE WATER SAVING PRODUCT' in 2009. AND 'EARTH CARE AWARD' from TIMES NOW / JSW GROUP in 2010 for Excellence in 'Innovation for Climate Protection'