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DURO FENSTER Systems are manufacturer and distributor of UPVC windows and doors located at Bangalore, India. UPVC means unplasticized poly vinyl chloride, DURO FENSTER systems specialized in designing different types of windows and doors with amazing ranges of UPVC Windows and UPVC Door systems.

It creates a hint of elegance nurtured with the tip of artistry which suits Indian weather conditions and design standards which protects your living/working space from noise pollution dust and rain.


DURO FENSTER UPVC windows and doors are well designed with heavy galvanized REINFORCEMENT steel that keeps it strong, fire resistant, dimensional accuracy, high quality standards and high-grade HARDWARE available at reasonable price and low maintenance, and we use high quality GLASS fitting for our UPVC Windows and Doors along with a leading upvc profile of *Xinli. Customers will have customized designs on glass to get new look to their windows and doors.


windows and doors are most durable, sustainable and will last for many years. Perfecting the different manufacturing process has allowed us make a superior quality products suitable for any ambience. DURO FENSTER systems show expertise in technical designers, quality fabrication, team of trained professional installation, Custom designs.


DURO FENSTER UPVC windows and doors provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. Your living/working space reflects best serene nature that will last for years. No more re painting and Anti-staining feature adds extra advantage while you just need to simply wipe and clean your UPVC windows which outshine the new ones.
Which are currently used in developed countries like Germany, Italy, Europe, China...Etc.


DURO FENSTER is one of fastest growing upvc windows manufacturer . Its unique solutions comprise specially engineered designs that combine form with function better than anything you’ve ever seen. So every DURO FENSTER system is as stylish as it is ingenious, and as attractive as it is durable. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, DURO FENSTER ensures you of windows that work beautifully, taking care of a major factor in the success of any building project.

Our products are unrivalled in quality, technological innovation and exceptional design - bringing you all the benefits of modern UPVC doors and windows, including low maintenance, enhanced security, energy efficiency and lower costs.

At DURO FENSTER, our UPVC doors and windows systems are only supplied through a network of selected independent fabricators and installers, ensuring that you get the services of an experts local company backed by the resources of a Duro fenster originations Together, we have created an unbeatable team - consistently delivering the best UPVC windows and doors available today.

Do you know it takes millions of trees to meet our furniture needs, which we choose precisely and custom make them according to our sense of taste. But , wait and think for a moment is there any thing we can do to stop this chop down of trees which gives us plenty of oxygen to breath- Yes!, there is one thing you can do; Use UPVC windows and doors instead of Wooden windows and doors as Most of the trees are used to make these windows and doors itself; Shift to Eco-Friendly Duro fenster UPVC Windows and Doors and be a part of our Green-Screen.